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pink dot LDN

In 2019, 2022 and 2023 we got together for pink dot LDN, an annual picnic in Russell Square. In tribute to the original Pink Dot in Singapore, it was a great way to meet and get to know other Queer Asians, share food and stories, and hang out in a friendly space. Check out our social media for photos of previous pink dot LDN picnics.

Makan sessions

Craving good Asian food? A new restaurant opened near you? Want a group of people to go with you so you can try everything on the menu? Come along to one of the Pink Dot LDN ‘makan sessions’ – ‘makan’ means ‘eat’ in Malay – and hang out with other Queer Asians over a relaxed meal.


‘pink dot LDN visits’ is a series of trips to musuems, shows, art galleries and more! We often arrange for experts in their fields – artists, curators, writers, academics and more – to take us through their area of interest, with a focus on how queerness and ‘Asianness’ are navigated and represented in their specialties. Learn more about how other Asians explore what Pride means to them, in ways that don’t always follow the British mainstream.